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Book 3

My third book is released! Learn what you'll need to know in order to become an embedded engineer.

Book 2

Check out my second book; learn practical stuff about building robots and control systems around Linux PCs and the Atmel AVR.

Book 1

My first book gives you all the intro you need on developing 32-bit embedded systems on a hobbyist budget.

Diary pictureWelcome to Lewin's online diary. This is not a blog. There is no RSS feed. There are no cute icons from adware sites trying to sustain a business model by linking other peoples' (mostly inane) content. This is not a social networking node. There are no links to myspace, facebook, or There is no facility for visitors to leave comments. There is no CGI back-end, no Java, there are no Flash animations, no videos hosted on youtube. If you arrived here looking for a place to discuss Teen Girl Squad or the latest PlayStation games, you are way off course.

While I do not guarantee that this content will be in any way enthralling, it is provided simply as a central kickoff point for the assorted projects on which I'm working, in order to demonstrate progress over time (and task priorities). I anticipate the main entry route to this site will be through search engines.

To locate a desired entry, simply navigate to the year and month of interest. In order to keep the individual pages relatively manageable in size, each month is bisected into two pages. If in future these fortnightly pages become too large, they will be further split into weekly pages.

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Goals for 2007:
  • Retire one more credit card.
  • Finish my fourth engineering book.
  • Finish my first novel. Details of this work will be disclosed once the marketing aspects are decided.
  • Replace or rebuild engine in Scout.
  • Complete at least 14 college credits, with a 4.0 GPA.